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Cote d'Or

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Cote d'Or

Postby jonzo247 » Sun Nov 14, 2010 7:20 pm

Had a mug of this new hot chocolate drink for the Tassimo, and I think it is a fantastic beverage. It comes in a pack with 8 Cote d'Or TDiscs and 8 Milk TDiscs for Cote d'Or. To make you brew the chocolate TDisc first, then the milk TDisc and stir together.

Compared to the Milka hot chocolate which is made in the same way, this has a much more indulgent taste, and it tastes more like a hot chocolate should, to me Milka tastes more milky than chocolatey I think this is due to the fact that it only makes 140ml of drink and therefore does not have a large amount milk added from the milk TDisc.

All in all I think Tassimo have hit the nail on the head and produced their best Hot Chocolate drink for the Tassimo.

I wonder what new beverages Tassimo will come up with next, hopefully an iced coffee drink for Europe!

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