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Reusable pods - different question

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Reusable pods - different question

Postby Mama Cat » Thu Jun 21, 2007 9:44 am

This may be totally idiotic (sorry!). I can't find the answer to my question any where, probably because it is too stupid to even ask. :-)

I am looking to buy a pod coffee maker, but before buying I want to make DOUBLE sure that I can make my own pods and/or use a refillable pod. I have a favorite brand of fair-trade coffee and don't want to stop using it.

The Melitta Padfilter says that it is "for the Senseo." However, does it fit into other pod-style machines? Which ones? Because it is apparently a formed piece rather than a flexible filter-paper, I would imagine that fit is important.

Alternatively, I have seen zillions of references here to using t-sacs, but no specifics. Do you just fill the (square?) t-sac and stuff it into the machine, or do you have to do some sort of magic to make it work? I'm really not interested in getting the heat-sealed pod-maker device. Just too many gadgets.

I've also seen the Filterpads, which seem like a great idea - but these seem impossible to find.

The other option is the Keurig with the refillable k-cup. However, I'm leaning against this because IF we don't like the ssc at home, I intend to take it to work, put it into a public area, and just use pre-filled cups/pods. The k-cups seem to be considerably more expensive, so I'm not too keen on that system.

Thanks for any help!
Mama Cat
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Postby Alice2 » Thu Jun 21, 2007 12:45 pm

My two suggestions are either the Bunn My Cafe with T-Sacs, or the Keurig B40 with the My K-Cup but also by the Sweaner Podslayer (ask Sweaner or find it at ebay)

Bunn My Cafe: Has a huge pod holder area so stuffing a bunch of coffee in a T-Sac is easy and quick -- not so on the OPOD!

Size #2 T-Sacs (I get them from Darlene's Tea Port on E-Bay but there are cheaper ways to get them, $6.00 for a box of 100, and I just stock up)

With the T-Sac you just scoop the coffee in, and fold it over a couple times, stick it in the podholder and press down the corners so they don't stick up around the edges. You can be all quick and careless about it, no problem.

Keurig B40: You can use pods in there with the Sweaner Pod-Slayer, and you also can use your own home-made pods made with a T-Sac in there, so for me, in hindsight this would have been the versatile way to go and I could have had just this both at home and at work and skipped the Bunn My Cafe.

I love my Bunn My Cafe too, however, and for my Keurig at work I only use regular K-Cups and love the speed and convenience. At approximately 40 cents a cup, and I usually drink one to three cups per day, it ain't bad, but if I get around to getting the podslayer for myself (I got one for a friend and got to try it out so that's how I know it works swell) I will probably use a lot of my regular coffee at work and buy alot less K-Cups.

You'll pay $100 for the Keurig B40, and $200 for the Bunn. The Keurig B40 only has one setting for the water level -- 7 or 8 ounces.
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Postby sweaner » Thu Jun 21, 2007 4:29 pm

I agree with everything Alice said, except I would go with a B60. I often use the smaller cup size.

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Postby DrMoze » Sun Jun 24, 2007 8:29 pm

You can easily use your own coffee in a Senseo. I've posted how elsewhere, but will repeat the basics here.

Simply buy some of the standard Mr Coffee basket filters (round filter with fluted edges, and MUCH cheaper than T-sacs!). Place one on your double-pod holder. Pour some coffee grinds in the middle (finer grinds tend to work better.) Use enough to basically fill the pod holder--you'll know just how much after 1 or 2 times. Then fold the sides of the filter over the top to cover the coffee, and press the "pod" into the holder with your thumbs to even it out. You basically want the "pod" to be level with the top of the holder, and push the edges in so the outside edge of the holder is uncovered. Then pop it in your senseo and brew!

I sometimes just put the coffee in a filter paper, fold over the sides, and then place the assembly into the pod holder and even it out. Works that way too. This method is so easy that my gf has been doing it for over a year too, without a mishap! I find this method to be the best and cheapest of any I've tried--You can fit more coffee in than you can in a reusable pod holder.
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Postby VydorScope » Sun Jun 24, 2007 10:07 pm

Dr... you can link this next time, its a bit easier to follow, IMO ;)
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Postby DrMoze » Mon Jun 25, 2007 10:50 am

Fair enough! The pictures are nice and help a lot! :) I honestly have not seen your write-up before, and have been doing this method for about 2 years now. (Pretty much came up with it independently, as a variation of the method in which you form a pod between 2 cups using the same filter paper--the cups were unnecessary IMO!)

Thanks for the link--*much* easier to explain. And I can't imagine why anyone would use any other method to brew their own coffee in a pod brewer--it's so easy and simple. 8)
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