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Pre-wetting/Wet Method of brewing PODs and K Cups in Keurig

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Re: Pre-wetting/Wet Method of brewing PODs and K Cups in Keu

Postby bogiesan » Sun Apr 27, 2014 12:42 am

In the espresos world, the technique is commonly known as preinfusion. The filtergroup is allowed to fill with water that is at line pressure, not coming from the pump. The idea is the grounds bloom and swell. When the pressurized stream hits the puck, the swollen grounds slow the column and allow more of the good stuff to be extracted.
Not every espresso benefits from the practice and vibratory pumps can't do it at all since the stream is always at 9 bar.
My Nespresso Essanza can preinfuse with a bit of fuss but most caps' coffee content is too coarse or stale or simply nonreactive.

When I use a Keurig, I usually try to underdose the water. But I'll try per wetting next time..
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