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Muldoon's Coffee Pods (Canada)

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Muldoon's Coffee Pods (Canada)

Postby bltman » Fri Nov 03, 2017 10:52 pm

I know there is not much traffic here anymore (the consequences of single serve becoming the defacto home coffee), but I thought I would take the opportunity to recommend trying Muldoon's coffee pods to those who live in Canada. This is a Toronto based office coffee company that started selling direct to the public over the web within the last couple of years. Pods are all 12 grams. If you work in the Toronto area, you may have seen their coffee or trucks in various workplace environments. I really enjoy the Sumatra for dark roast and Costa Rica for light roast. Brews a really nice 10 oz cups in my Suncana. Given the lack of paper pods these days, especially the availability of 12 gram pods in Canada, I figured I would post for those who may be interested.
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