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Illy Iperespressso Ecosystem

Dolce Gusto, Nespresso, Lavazza, and others.

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Illy Iperespressso Ecosystem

Postby Kandiru » Sat Oct 14, 2017 6:00 am

As a former home roaster and PID conversion machine owner I started a quest for easy decent quality espresso, understanding that with stale (older than a week after roasting) beans I would get nowhere near the old days quality.

So over the past year I tried K-Fee / Verismo, Caffitaly (CBTL, Tchibo, Ecaffe), after the frequent Nespresso degustations at the Williams Sonoma store.
I will not get into detail about the low pressure Keuring K155 from work, which makes a half-decent office filter coffee with the bottomless Canadian made Joe Coffee..."Tall, Dark and Handsome".

The Iperespresso capsules have thicker tops and walls to acommodate high semi-automatic machine pressures, and the bottom features a filter and a snap-on collection screen which concentrates the flow to the center, as both the compact machines and portafilters have wide open holes at the bottom, everything happens in the capsule, meaning also that you will never again have to taste stale residue from prior extractions as in the other machines.

The machines fall into conventional semi-automatics with modified for capsule-holding-portafilter groupheads (X1, X7, X7.1, watch out on Ebay as some machines also come with non-capsule groupheads, these have cylindrical walls), compact espresso (Y3, Y3.2, outsourced X9), and the Y5 dual espresso/coffee (Iper Coffee capsules, with monochrome bottoms) large tank machine. I find the semi-autos too complicated, pricey, and over-engineered for a capsule system, I remember working on my old machine (thermostat, water level sensor, etc). The shiny outsourced X9 gets poor reviews on Amazon.

The Y3.2 I settled for is a minimalist Y3 with more discrete cup selection buttons and matching monochrome tray, still made in Italia, about 3/4 the size of a Caffitaly Venus or Nespresso Pixie (the only Swiss made machine in that lineup). It has adjustable temperature and shot volume. The pressure high enough that after extraction I have to wait 20s before opening or the top will spray a bit, also some downpour with steam will still occur for 5s after pump stop. I found that pouring a priming blank/blind shot, then turning machine off for 30s to make the heater work again results in that nicer closer to brick red top. Thick crema permeating the entire shot before settling into a 5mm layer in a Bodum Pavina cup looks good. Kitchen smells like good espresso. The Medium Roast aroma and body are surprisingly good for a capsule, I am keeping this machine. Now I can see why Iperespresso are the only capsules fit for a semi-auto.

Capsule cost will come down to 0.65, 20% coupon at top of page for every government holiday (Columbus day for me) and volume (6 cans) discounts bring it there. The coupon also applies to machines.

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Re: Illy Iperespressso Ecosystem

Postby bogiesan » Thu Oct 26, 2017 9:34 pm

You for the post and welcome to our little family. Illy capsule machines don’t get much attention around here. Probably because they don’t have much visibility in the retail market.

I hope you will post more news about your system and the many coffees Illy offers.
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