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WayCap on video! (Watch this space)

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WayCap on video! (Watch this space)

Postby bogiesan » Tue Oct 10, 2017 2:13 pm

I spent a few hours this weekend performing a series of tests with WayCap’s refillable stainless steel capsules. The exercise was designed to create coffee using these tools: Kitchenaid Proline 100 burr grinder, precision kitchen scales, Nespresso Citiz, six WayCap capsules, and a selection of their lids which are machined with different numbers of exit holes (three, five, nine, 12 or 15, 21, and billion).
A valid experiment must have a hypothesis, controls, and variables. My hypothesis was, umm, more of a goal: “Use WayCap. Make coffee.” My control really wasn’t valid, it was more of a comparison: a conventional Nespresso capsule. There were four variables I could explicitly control: coffee dose (measured in grams), tamp pressure (measured in vertical Aaargh!s), number of exit holes (measured by counting the holes), and the fineness of coffee particles (measured by rubbing them between between thumb and finger). The capsules hold between 3 and 5 grams, depending on size of coffee particles. The tamp is not really adjustable since there is so little coffee and the space is so small. The dose was only accurate to whole grams but was mostly just a function of topping the capsule to the max fill line. The coffee was fresh and from a local roastery. The grinder was nearly new. The Citiz machine was recently descaled and loaded with freshly filtered water. I used Nespresso’s silly Reveal tasting glasses to catch the output; the stemware allowed the stream’s color, volume, and crema to be clearly visible.
I rolled 720P video for about an hour and have edited the footage down to roughly 25 minutes. At that length it is TEDIOUS but this was intended to be a valid experiment so my methods, and the results of changing the experiment’s few variables, are transparently obvious.
I have forwarded the video to WayCap to see if they find fault with my methods or have any rebuttal comments regarding my results. I’ll post a link to my video here in a few days after I hear back from the company. I'm giving them about two weeks to respond so…please watch this space.
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