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Trouble With My Cuisinart SS-700

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Re: Trouble With My Cuisinart SS-700

Postby djtech2k » Tue Sep 06, 2016 10:16 am

abozoki wrote:Ok, I have a new "twist" on the standard problem of the SS-700 not brewing a full cup of coffee. My issue is, it's specific to when a K-cup is inserted. That is, the water draws in and dispenses just fine as long as the cup chamber is empty - if I choose "hot water," "rinse" or "brew" it doesn't matter, they all work perfectly, good water-dispensing pressure and the full number of ounces for each setting.

So, you'd think that the problem in this case HAS to be one of the 2 needles, right? I mean, do all the other components of the machine work the same way whether or not there's a k-cup in there? Or could the problem be that the pump is not strong enough to push against the pressure of a full k-cup even though it can dispense when there's no resistance?

In any case, I've used a paperclip inserted into all 5 holes of the upper needile area, as well as the hole in the side of the lower needle. They all appear to be perfectly clear, though I don't know if the paperclip length (about 1.5") is adequate to clear the holes all the way up.

Nothing else has made a lick of difference: I've disassembled the bottom to get at the internal filter/hose as well as descaling, thwacking the bottom of the machine and blowing air into the nozzle. The one thing I can't do is steam-clean the membrane where the water tank seats, because I don't have a steamer.
Anyone got any good ideas?

I have the exact same problem. After cleaning out all the filters as videos show, the water brews great with no k-cup. Once I out in a cup, it goes back to dribbling and incomplete cups. Since I have taken it apart so many times, that "L-shaped" rubber boot has begun to tear on one end. This problem has happened well before this boot started tearing on the end, so that can be the problem. It is a part where the metal clip covers so its not causing air leaks, but it will probably get bigger in the future. Is there any where to buy that part?
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Re: Trouble With My Cuisinart SS-700

Postby slickmetal » Sun Sep 25, 2016 4:56 pm

Ok folks, When I turn on my machine it makes the noise like its pulling water from the reservoir (the water level DOES NOT go down) - sometimes too long so I've either shut it off or tipped the machine. When tipping it will then try to heat the water and then indicate "READY". When trying to hit "Rinse" at this point you hear it try and nothing comes out. I've taken out and cleaned the filer that sits under the reservoir. Is this the common solenoid issue? Thank you!
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Re: Trouble With My Cuisinart SS-700

Postby 919GuyL » Fri Dec 09, 2016 2:31 pm

Symptom: Water keeps coming out of the unit non-stop, or stops only with fiddling. But that does not fix it.

I tried all of the other techniques mentioned here... but no joy. Researching found that apparently keeping the unit plugged into power 24/7 keeps a particular Solenoid Valve charged to it's "always closed" position.

There are several solenoid valves, there's one behind the My K-Cup door (easy to reach and inspect) and there's one behind the exterior water tank (most difficult to reach). Of course, my issue ended up being the one that is hard to reach.

Some googling found a YouTube video where someone shows you how to remove the "My K-Cup Door" piece to see that "easy to get to" Solenoid Valve... I inspected that one and it was fine. I was able to take it apart and inspect and clean (a little junk but not much).

I had to figure out how to remove the outer plastic housing to reach the other solenoid. When I finally got to it, it was pretty burned up ... evident by the "brown burn color" ... it was really bad compared to the other one. When I tried to take it apart like I did with the first one, it just disintegrated into pieces.

So... here's the fix... we need to replace those with better quality ones. Found this one on eBay... eBay item number:272094954098... I purchased two.

How to replace them... well, basically you need to take the outer plastic housing (outer shell) completely off... obviously, please unplug first and try to drain as much water out as possible.

Here is what I did so far... flip the unit over...

    1.) remove the bottom plate screws... you can leave the screw for the "ground" wire ... has a symbol that looks kinda like this =||-

    2.) take the plate off... to expose the underside. You need to remove the screws that hold the outer shell to the base frame... except the 3 screws that hold the tank to the base frame... you'll see the ones that hold the outer shell to the base frame. As long as you leave at least one screw to hold the tank (and stuff) to the base frame you'll be fine.

    flip the unit back over again... standing up normally now.

    3.) remove the top plastic cover... there are two screws on the back side (near top)... remove tiny covers to expose the screws...

    4.) once the cover is off, you'll see a couple screws towards the front of the unit holding the outer shell to the front piece, and also to the frame.

For me, taking the actual outer shell off was a bitch of a time... I kept wiggling it and could not see how the exterior tank side was attached. Finally, if just came loose.

The Solenoid Valve is now easily accessible and you can replace it.

I'll post more as I complete the task... waiting for the parts to arrive. We'll need to de-solder and re-solder the power wires, but that's not hard.

Guy L.
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Re: Trouble With My Cuisinart SS-700

Postby 919GuyL » Fri Dec 09, 2016 2:41 pm

SS-700 with outer shell removed...

SS-700 Solenoid Valve that is bad and disintegrated...
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Re: Trouble With My Cuisinart SS-700

Postby 919GuyL » Thu Dec 15, 2016 6:15 pm

...finished replacing the Solenoid Valve. Machine is working perfectly again. We have a fix!
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Re: Trouble With My Cuisinart SS-700

Postby bogiesan » Fri Dec 16, 2016 8:24 pm

Congratulations and our collective thanks for seeing the thread to victory.

Happy holidays !
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Re: Trouble With My Cuisinart SS-700

Postby pymininc » Wed Oct 04, 2017 12:23 pm

Hi all, I know its been some time since anyone has commented on this thread.

I recently purchased this unit, refurbished, it started out ok but not what i was expecting.

my issue is:
when i select 8oz, etc... and push the brew button the pump sucks in the water but will not dispense unless i plug the hole in the plastic overflow tube at the top of the reservoir. I've tried to connect with Cuisinart customer service and they are a joke. they wont even talk to me unless i can provide with 90 day warranty. all i want to know is how to set the prime on this or whatever i need to do. everything else works perfectly as far as i can tell. It just wont dispense unless the hole is plugged.

any thoughts?
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Re: Trouble With My Cuisinart SS-700

Postby zzyzx » Thu Oct 05, 2017 11:59 am

You probably you need to replace the solenoid valves on the machine.You can buy them through eBay.

Search for:

3/16" Pneumatic Solenoid Valve for Keurig Replacement DC 12 V Air Water Gas

$11.03 each + $3 Shipping
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