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WayCap stainless steel capsules for Nespresso--total fail

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WayCap stainless steel capsules for Nespresso--total fail

Postby bogiesan » Sun Aug 27, 2017 4:50 pm

Beautifully machined, nicely designed, cool concept. total disaster. What is it the kids say these days? Ah, yes -- "FAIL".
First, the instructions are contradictory and misleading. "THE WAYCAP CAPSULE HAS BEEN TESTED FOR USE WITH POWDERED COFFEE." Cannot possibly be true. I think what they meant to say is "ground coffee" because a commonly accepted espresso grind simply clogs the little bastards. So i have not gotten a single shot yet. I have eight different styles of caps and each has a differenet number of holes. None of them work with espresso. Not one.
Second, they only hold about 4 grams of coffee. Which is just stupid. Even the most parsimonious of Nespresso capsules hold at least 5 grams, some as much as 8.
Third, getting the spent coffee sludge out of them is an unbelievable nightmare. Have you ever used a knockbox to empty the puck from a gruppo? The WayCap does not work like that.
Fourth, the cap can actually come off in the machine. Is that acceptable? What does that leave you with? Coffee sludge dripping into the tray and a very hot capsule stuck in the retracted brew chamber. You've got to be clever to get that little monster out of there without damaging the capsule or your machine.
Fifth, take all of the above and one can only arrive at the inescapable conclusion that these are a bad idea. Even if you're driven by some holier than me urge to save the planet, these don't really work. Don't use Nespresso if you can't be bothered to use their free recycling system. But don't buy these things thinking you're going to make a difference. They're just dumb.
The worst part is cleaning in preparation for the next run. These little things are the embodiment of everything that is wrong with home espresso preparation except in a tiny format that makes everything worse and more difficult. These stupid little things require multiple fiddly steps to use, they are dirt traps, and they're just silly. In short, they are the perfect counterpoint to everything that makes Nespresso so delightfully perfect for me: easy, simple, clean, quick, hassle-free.
I will run another series of tests in a few weeks with a different, coarser grind of coffee. Coarser coffee may prevent them from instantly clogging but it won't make the product's many faults any less egregious.

ADENDA: I just finished testing with a coarser grind. Again, I got no decent coffee and I've five of the little fuckers to clean.

Getting my merchandise from the maniufacturer after backing their kickstarter project was difficult. Now I'm asking for a refund. We'll see how THAT goes.
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