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Bluefly delivers bargain Citiz&Milk

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Bluefly delivers bargain Citiz&Milk

Postby bogiesan » Thu Apr 20, 2017 6:33 pm

Package arrived today. Well-packed, the Citiz&Milk (in that cool cherry red) arrived in an unopened and original Nespresso box; all was good. Powered her up, ran a rinse cycle and everything works a charm. The Aeroccino 3 functions superbly.

I got this $300 system for only $123 with free shipping. If the price is still available and you want the machine, my experience suggests you can order with confidence.

The Citiz is a nicely designed and solid little machine. It is much heavier and more robust than the Pixie. The drip tray rack and upper cup rack are heavy cast steel, not punched metal or plastic. The plastic parts are cast a bit thicker than the Pixie. The upper cup rack folds out of the way and remains securely out of the way. The machine is surprisingly quiet, easily half the volume of the rattly ol' Pixie. Temperature at the exit spout is the same as the Pixie, starting at 175-178F and dropping quickly to 160-164F.

The Aeroccino 3 is quieter, more elegant, taller, and narrower than my older Aero+ (chrome with black handle). Frothed milk hits 150F and the unit shuts off. Foamed milk hits 152F. Neither whisk produces quite as much volume as the Aero+. I'm attributing that to the increased height of the vessel.

Having a single cord for both devices is a great feature but the main reason I bought the machine (aside from taking advantage of the stupid low price) was to be able to use my silly Reveal tasting glasses. They work beautifully on the Citiz.
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