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Good ol' Vue

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Good ol' Vue

Postby Meisch » Sun Nov 06, 2016 3:57 pm

Never was a lot of talk about the Vue, mine is the 700, here but I just love this machine, whether brewing original Vue packs, using solofill v1 to brew my own, using K-cup converter, and bonus all the new 2.0 mug and carafe cups. It has held up despite early reviews. Though my go to brew has been Dark magic and Barista Prima Coffeehouse cups, both available at Walmart, I subscribe to auto delivery for convenience. That said;

My favorites:
Vue packs
Sumatra reserve - best at 6oz
Barista Prima all - best at 8oz

Dark magic - best at 10oz
Lively Colombian Coffee - best at 10oz (strong)

Lively Colombian Coffee - best at 14oz (strong)
Hawaiian blend - best at either 14 or 16oz (strong)
Barista Prima all - best at either 14 or 16oz(strong)
If your guest like weak coffee, as most do, you can brew at 18oz for any of these.

all are best a 6oz with most needing strong setting.

Solofill v1
Any coffee - Grind at the fine drip setting, add 10g and brew at 6oz.
If you buy ground coffee same as above but use strong setting.

I use the 10g per/6oz. SCAA Guidelines (.6 x ??g of coffee) to start then adjust to taste.
Senseo (free promo) - at cabin
Commercial/OCS Pod brewer(OPOD) - daughters now
Flavia Fusion - sold
Frieling 0103 5-6 Cup French Press - break out from time to time
Vue - my go to machine, does it all.
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