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Illy Francis Y3 "big cup" versus Y5 "coffee cup"?

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Illy Francis Y3 "big cup" versus Y5 "coffee cup"?

Postby snakyjake » Fri Mar 03, 2017 12:52 am

The Y3 has buttons for "small and big cup" (per manual).
The Y5 has buttons for "espresso and coffee" (per manual).

What is the difference??

Is the Y3 "big cup" brew button the same as the Y5 "coffee" brew button?

Can the Y3 brew coffee?

Are the two different brewing methods? Or just different output size?

Not sure what the real difference is between the Y3 and Y5?

Are there different capsules for the Y3 big cup and Y5 coffee?

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Re: Illy Francis Y3 "big cup" versus Y5 "coffee cup"?

Postby bogiesan » Sat Mar 04, 2017 9:37 am

I don't think there are any current users of any of the Illy iperespresso series of capsules systems here.
The operation manuals for both of those machines are available online for download or PDF viewing and perhaps those would give you the information you want.
I think your onoy reliable answer will come from a note addressed to Illy's customer service people.

I will say that Illy's machines are built quite well and they just have a nice feel to them, much more massive and tighter than, say, Keurigs or Nespresso units;lots of metal and thick plastics and even glass on some units.

If you get one of these machines, please come back and tell us about yoru experiences.
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Re: Illy Francis Y3 "big cup" versus Y5 "coffee cup"?

Postby Kandiru » Fri Oct 13, 2017 12:59 pm

Iperespresso capsules are created for espressos, hence you will always use the small cup.

Ipercoffee are for regular coffee.

IMHO even on my humble Italian manufactured Francis Francis Y3.2, the aroma and crema exceed CBTL/Caffitaly, Nespresso, and K-fee/Verismo easily.

Have you ever wondered why Illy makes the only prosumer semiautomatic machines with capsule portafilters? I am talking about the X1 and X7 of course.

You are right, Illy Iperespresso is a restricted market dominated by high quality equipment and in-capsule extraction systems, all machines and portafilters are entirely hollow at the bottom, no gooey leftovers from prior extractions.

FYI, you can get an Italian made Y3.2 for less than 100 with 25% discount and free ship, then if you get 6 packs of capsules you get volume discount+20%off(all holidays, including gov. ones)+free ship, so you can get close $0.6 per capsule.
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